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Jason Lazarus:


Summer 2017
Hunter East Harlem Gallery
Curated by Arden Sherman 

A CENTURY OF DISSENT! was a summer-long, public art studio designed to collaboratively REMAKE protest signs used in Harlem and East Harlem throughout the past century (and up to the present moment) with Jason Lazarus, who was in-residence at Hunter East Harlem Gallery during the summer of 2017.

Images from Harlem’s history of protests were culled from research (local museum archives, the internet, social media, etc.) and project participants collaborate with Lazarus to select a source image and create a life-size facsimile of the original sign.

The final project at Hunter East Harlem Gallery was a newly created physical archive that simultaneously presents a multitude of historical moments and messaging, a place for reflection, synthesis, education, and re-examination of the present moment.

The artist guided visitors and participants used provided materials at the exhibition space, and the gallery was transformed into a summer long working space. Groups of any kind were welcome and all research and materials were provided.

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New York, New York